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it’s a wrap

Wednesday 14.11.12

Whilst traversing the world wide web I encountered this enchanting stack of presents.



And it’s that time of year again in Corner Store where we refine our wrapping skills and venture to execute the perfect bow.

Our customised wrap is almost off the press, but in the meantime we can still make an impression with our current offerings.




wrap ‘n ribbon

Wednesday 9.05.12


Terribly sorry for the quiet blog yesterday. I was busy battening down the Corner Store hatches due to the lovely rain we had in Perth.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Give your mum a squeeze right now if she is near. Here are my top picks for mum worthy gift wrapping ideas. Which one do you like best? What are you doing with your mum this Sunday?

paper calla lilies via ohhappyday

via hello sandwich X martha stewart

via decor8

via big folio

I wonder if this tiny little fox cub will make his mum a macaroni necklace this Mother’s Day?

xx Tess