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Betsy Liberty Pinwheels Set


  Contains 6 x pinwheels.

Betsy Liberty Straws


These paper party straws are decorated with a classic Liberty floral pattern in pastel colours. Pack contains 24 paper straws.

Cherries Hairclips


Set of 2 Cherry Hair clips. 9.3 x 9.8 x 2 cm

Cherry Necklace


Chain length: 53cm to 58cm

Fruit Brooch


Charming brooches in 3 styles featuring pineapple, banana and cherry, crafted with embroidery thread in rich colours. Pack contains 3 brooches in 3 styles.

Gold Glitter White Birthday Candles


A beautiful range of coloured candles. Each candle is embellished with a scattering of gold glitter. Pack contains 24 candles15cm

Melon Necklace


A slice of watermelon features on this cute kiddies necklace and has a shiny gold chain. Chain length: 47cm to 52cm

Surprise Candles


Create a surprise in candlelight with these colourful birthday candles. Each candle is embellished with chunky gold glitter.

Unicorn Necklace


A magical necklace featuring a translucent pink unicorn with bright tassel tail and gold chain. Chain length: 46cm

Assorted Liberty Large Plates


These beautiful small party plates are each decorated in a different classic Liberty floral pattern and are finished with a shiny gold foil border. Pack contains 8 plates in 8 designs. 23cm