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Sound Bath With Holly

Sound Bath With Holly

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Sound Bath With Holly

(3rd Saturday of every month)

6:30pm $20

There is enough space for everyone in this beautiful little boutique studio, but I would like to encourage you to head to the link below to book your spot:

Sound Bath

Once a month join Holly for the evening as she takes you on a journey using only her voice and the ancient Indian sound of the harmonium.

5-6 different mantras will be offered during the evening as you relax, receive and bathe in these powerful vibrations, allowing your mind the opportunity to be free from the daily mental background chatter that we all experience, and help to calm the nervous system.

The word Mantra is derived from two Sanskrit words—manas (mind) and tra (tool).

Mantra literally means “a tool for the mind,” and was designed to help us reconnect with our purest form, the one in which we were born into this Earth as, that part of us that gets lost as society and life distract us from what is our truest essence, adding layer upon layer to this divine being that we were chosen to be here as.

Mantra is a sound vibration through which we mindfully focus our thoughts, our feelings, and our highest intention.

Mantra is a form of meditation whether whispered, chanted or silently recited, and if this ancient practice is repeated often enough in a consistent manner research shows that this is one of the ways we can rewrite the neutral pathways in the brain, quieten the mind and see and feel life with more clarity, freedom & joy.

What should I bring?

  • I would encourage you to wear loose comfortable clothing an during the cooler months to wear layers (including socks & possibly a beanie if you know you get cold easily.
  • Blanket
  • Water

Mats, Bolsters & Eye Pillows will be available but if you wish to bring anything that will make you more comfortable then this is welcomed also.   

So what are you waiting for, all that is requried of you is to sit/ lie back, relax and just be.

Holly has been singing and playing piano since she was a child. The magic of creative outlet was only recently redeiscovered when she was bought her harmonium as a gift for her birthday almost a year ago. From this practice she has experienced and unblocked so many emotions that may otherwise have remained stagnent energy within her body. She finds this practice has added so much Joy and Playfulness to her life and she is so excited to share it with the community. 

When Holly is not sharing her love of all things Yoga you will find her drinking tea and reading her book, taking long walks by the ocean or cooking up a vegetarian storm in the kitchen. 

Please feel free to follow our Facebook Page @saltysoulyogaperth for additional offerings.

With Gratitude

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