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Danielle Kroll Chopping Board - Blue Sardines

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Danielle Kroll is a Brooklyn based artist. She graduated from Tyler School of Art and proceeded to work in Anthropologie’s Art Department in Philadelphia. Currently, Danielle works for herself on a variety of projects from illustration to textiles to design. Danielle’s whimsical style aims to inspire curiosity and to make your day just a little bit brighter. She is mostly inspired by her childhood, the weird and wacky, and vintage treasures.

Stylish both on display and in use. Perfect for serving platters or creating a gorgeous centrepiece, its durable birch wood material has been coated in melamine to provide a practical waterproof top surface. Drawing admiration from friends and family, this beautiful board makes a great gift idea for those who love to host. Handmade in Sweden

  • 29.5x19.5cm
  • Water resistant surface
  • Natural birch wood backing
  • Protective melamine coating
  • Hand wash with soapy water