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Yoga Nidra With Holly

Yoga Nidra With Holly

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Yoga Nidra With Holly

Monday 6pm $20

Join Holly for the evening as she guides you through this 75 minute transformational practice of Yoga Nidra. Taught to her by the world-renowned yoga & meditation teacher Yogarupa (Rod Stryker).

There is enough space for everyone in this beautiful little boutique studio, but I would like to encourage you to head to the link below to book your spot:

What can I expect from this offering?

You will begin your practice with an intentional sequence of gentle movement with a focus on lengthening out your breath to bring you safely and deeply into the parasympathetic nervous system (our rest & digest state).

This will then be followed by a guided meditation where an opportunity will be created to listen to your body and ask it what it needs in this moment. The answer to this will be what you carry through into your Yoga Nidra journey. 

You will then be guided through a simple breathing technique (Pranayama) as you continue to cultivate the perfect environment for your experience. 

By cultivating these simple techniques in this particular order will allow you to set the perfect foundations to move into your Yoga Nidra practice.

Your FAQ's Answered.......

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is a practice where we take inventory of our body as we bring awareness to 61 set points in sequence. 

This allows for our subconscious to be brought forward as the body is now accessing the Theta brainwave state.

(also referred to as hypnosis)

At this point our body & mind can no longer differentiate between the conscious and the subconscious therefor opening up the perfect opportunity for us to rewrite our neural pathways in the brain creating new patterns, beliefs and habits that best serve our highest, most authentic and purest selves. 

Who is this for?

This practice is truly for everyone, you don't need to have ever practiced any form of yoga before, know how to roll out a mat or even donned a pair of tights!

The most important thing is that you are choosing you, and that you show up to your practice with an open mind, an open heart & leave your expectations at the door.

If you experience any of the following at any time during your waking/ breathing/ sleeping/ busy life then I invite you to give this practice a go.

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Difficulties with sleep
  • Looping thoughts
  • Energetic Blockages in the body
  • Feelings of uncertainty, self doubt, consistent worry & over thinking the list goes on!

What should I bring?

  • I would encourage you to wear loose comfortable clothing an during the cooler months to wear layers (including socks & possibly a beanie if you know you get cold easily.
  • Blanket
  • Water
  • Small Pillow/ Cushion to place under your head during the Yoga Nidra part of this practice.

Mats, Bolsters & Eye Pillows will be available but if you wish to bring anything that will make you more comfortable then this is welcomed also.   

Holly has been practicing Yoga Nidra for the past 18 months and has experience profound transformation from her consistent 40 sadhanas focusing on different aspects of her life which is why she is so excited to be bringing this offering to the community. 

When Holly is not sharing her love of all things Yoga you will find her drinking tea and reading her book, taking long walks by the ocean or cooking up a vegetarian storm in the kitchen. 

Please feel free to follow our Facebook Page @saltysoulyogaperth for additional offerings.

With Gratitude

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