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Tuesday 1.05.12


Hello! It is May! Oh my, how did May come around so quickly? This May Pole circa 1907 looks like fun, those little Victorian girls sure knew how to frock up and get their ringlets on for a celebration.


Today, I need your help. I am naming our new range of leather pouches. They are in these four delicious colours, that also need equally delicious names.

So far I am thinking about…


I am stuck like a piece of old gum on a school desk naming the black swatch.  licorice? blackberry? squid ink?!

xx Tess

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  • Clare Rooney says:

    Tuscan Red or Paprika for the one you have called pumkin. Not salmon that’s so passe, what about Warmed Peach. I love the Pepper and squid ink names. Seems to be a foodie theme happening, love your shop and all it’s products. I wish you every success. All the best. Clare

  • tess says:

    Ooh I love Paprika! Warmed Peach sounds delicious too thanks Clare. x

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